Badacsony katamarán

Badacsony catamaran

The upper deck of the catamaran-type double-hulled ship named „Badacsony” has a large, spacious, open and a smaller, enclosed cabin, and the lower deck has a large, comfortable, air-conditioned cabin with big panoramic windows.

Due to the structure of the ship, with the appropriate rearrangement of the furniture of the open and closed passenger compartments, it is excellent for conferences, meetings, receptions, product presentations, weddings, music and dance events, travelling for larger groups and school day trips. Wi-Fi Service is also available on board.

On request, it is possible to serve hot and cold foods and drinks. There is also a bar on board for our passengers.

Ships most important data:

  • Passenger capacity: 400 people

  • Standing reception - open: 200-250 people

  • Seated reception: 100 + 30 people

  • Seated conference: 150 people

  • Buffet: on the lower and upper deck

  • Outside passenger compartment: 113.8 m2

  • Interior cabin on the main deck: 125 m2

  • Interior cabin on the walk deck: 70 m2

  • Maximum length: 29.10 m

  • Maximum width: 10.35 m

Available services on board:

  • Seated buffet reception

  • Cold - hot foods, salads, pastries, cakes

  • Full range of drinks

  • Organizing of musical and dance programs