Kelén nosztalgiahajó

Kelén nostalgia boat

The „Kelén” nostalgia boat with its 120-people passenger capacity is the oldest and most popular nostalgia boat on Lake Balaton. „Kelén” was released to water in April 1891, and in June the boats sister ship „Helka”. They got their name from the love couple of András Fáy's fairy tale "Sió". Even after several rebuildings and modernizations, the nostalgia ship retained the exterior design which was typical to the end of the 19th century.

The SKL engine with its unmistakable hissing start and puffing sound makes the „KELÉN” cruise ship not only the last ship equipped with such an engine, but also the last representative of the classic Balaton sailing and shipping traditions and maneuvers.

An open, smaller cabin has been designed on the upper deck of the ship. The upper open deck makes shipping an unforgettable experience in the wonderful panorama of Lake Balaton.

The main deck has two smaller open and, in case of bad weather, a comfortable, enclosed cabin. In the hull there is a large, enclosed cabin with a circular sofa and a bar for our passengers. The ship's interior is air conditioned and Wi-Fi Service is also available for the travellers.

In 2021, we celebrated the ship’s 130th birthday. At that occassion the celebrating audience had the opportunity to taste the birthday cake and have a glimpse into the rethought interior of Kelén, which recalls a reform-era café.

The sophisticated interior provides an excellent venue for smaller corporate or family gatherings, be it a wedding, birthday, name day, engagement, wedding anniversary, bachelor and hen party, romantic engagement, surprise party, company meeting, team building event, product presentation, workshop or meeting.

Ships most important data:

  • Passenger capacity: 120 people

  • Standing reception - open: 40 people

  • Seated reception: 24 people

  • Seated conference: 30 - 40 people

  • Buffet: in the interior

  • Interior cabin on the main deck: 50 m2

  • Interior cabin on the lower deck: 37 m2

  • Maximum length: 35.08 m

  • Maximum width: 5.00 m

Available services on board:

  • Buffet reception

  • Cold - hot foods, salads, pastries, cakes

  • Full range of drinks

  • Organizing of musical and dance programs