Tünde nosztalgiahajó

Tünde nostalgia boat

The "old Lady" was built in 1927 in Balatonfüred.  The ship at that time had a wooden body and superstructure and was the twin sister of the „Csongor” nostalgia ship.

In the second World War the retreating German troops had already placed explosives in the engine room of the last two ships - still intact - in the port of Révfülöp - the „Tünde” and „Kelén”, when Hungarian sailors with the opening of the bottom taps sank the ships to save them for the future. The ship was lifted in 1946 and repaired. In 1950 he received a steel body and a closed passenger compartment at the Balatonfüred Shipyard. As a member of the nostalgia fleet of the Balaton Shipping Company, he still travels and acquires many lasting memories and experiences for visitors at Lake Balaton. In 2017, the ship celebrated its 90th birthday.

The main deck of the ship, which evokes the atmosphere of the turn of the century, is open. A smaller, enclosed cabin has been created in the hull. Thanks to its open deck, it is excellent for cruising and for pleasure boat-trips. It awaits its passengers with high-quality passenger service and a drink bar.

Wi-Fi service is also available on board.

The sophisticated nostalgia boat provides an excellent venue for smaller corporate or family gatherings, so as birthdays, name days, bachelor or hen parties, romantic engagements, surprise parties, company meetings, small team building events or meetings.

Ships most important data:

  • Passenger capacity: 50 people

  • Buffet: yes, there is a buffet on board

  • Maximum length: 23.64 m

  • Maximum width: 4.81 m

Available services on board:

  • Cold cuisine, sandwiches, salads, sweet and salted pastries, cakes

  • Full range of drinks

  • Organizing of musical and dance programs