BAHART boats

The selection of the ships in our fleet can offer excellent locations on the Lake Balaton for events with 40 to several hundreds of participants, with unique possibilities. We undertake the complete task of organizing events, exhibitions, product presentations, business meetings, press conferences and standing receptions. Our boats can serve as perfect locations for smaller or bigger family events, weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, anniversaries, school leaving ceremonies, graduations, or a memorable birthday.

Besides the location we offer the following services:

  • catering: cold and hot meals, salads, cakes and biscuits 

  • full choice of drinks

  • music or dance programs

Our boats

  • Large ships: The fleet of our company includes 5 large ships, that are suitable for holding several kinds of quality events for a larger audience. Our ships have an open upper and a closed lower deck, they are air-conditioned and the Siófok catamaran, that was refurbished in 2016, is completely handicap accessible. 

  • Nostalgia boats: Have a glass of tasty wine or enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Balaton or the sunset on the deck of one of our nostalgia boats. Our historical boats offer special locations and environment for business- and family events alike. Our boats, the Kelén and the Helka have both open and closed decks, while the Csobánc, the Csongor and the Tünde have mostly open decks. 

  • Other ships: We recommend our smaller, modern boats for business or family events. In 2017 the Nemzeti Regatta was an addition to our fleet with a capacity of 180 passengers. Besides our passenger ships our ferries also offer unique locations for grand music events, dance shows, ferry concerts or sports events. 

Amennyiben bármilyen programra hajót szeretnél bérelni, kattints a Hajóbérlés ajánlatot kérek! menüpontra és töltsd ki értelemszerűen a rovatokat! Üzeneted alapján kollégáink hamarosan felveszik Veled a kapcsolatot, hogy a legjobb, kifejezetten Rád szabott ajánlatot készíthessük el. Együtt megtaláljuk a legjobb megoldást! Engedd meg, hogy megmutassuk, mire vagyunk képesek a Balaton hullámain!